Cops shoot diabetic teen after car crash

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“I didn’t know he was freakin’ diabetic!” a Cleburne County, Alabama Sherrif’s Deputy is caught saying on camera as he shakes his head. At that point, though, it was too late: he had already used his Taser on the suspect. Twice.
That suspect was Ricky Jones, a 19-year-old diabetic patient who crashed his automobile in the city of Cleburne earlier this year after his blood sugar dropped dangerously low and he went into hypoglycemic shock. Deputy Dill of the Cleburne County Sherriff’s Department dropped by the scene and ordered Jones to exit his car. When the suspect was unresponsive, though, the officer assumed him to just be unwilling to cooperate.
“Do you understand that I’m talking to you? Answer my question. What’s the matter with you?” the cop barked.
Video footage obtained by a local CBS affiliate shows that deputy didn’t investigate much further. The officer asked for Jones’ license and insurance, and when he was met with silence he issued him a warning: “Step out of the vehicle. Or I will tase you!”
Jones was fired at, twice, 23 seconds after failing to recognize the cop’s commands.


LDAR, bitch.
Alabama: Check.

Poorly trained cop: check.

All the makings of a power tripping douche.
It's probably just an issue with translations, but using a tazer on someone isn't shooting them.

Having said that, this is another reason why tazers need to be banned. They're way too far down on the use of force continuum at this point.


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Alabama you say? If it's a white kid, nothing to see here.



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Not a fan of the tazer. I'm sure it's a good tool but
it seems to be a friend of the lazy cop too.
Deputy Dilldo here seems to be one of them.

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"Get up, sir. Get up, goddammit! Oh, you're in a coma. My mistake."

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You don't get low blood sugar from being diabetic; you get it from overdoing your meds and/or not consuming enough sugar. The cure for low blood sugar is instant: drink a fucking Coke. I'm not saying the cop was right, but this shitdick should never been behind the wheel unprepared.


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Grabbed a guy last week and he started falling and acting sick after we put the cuffs on. .. told him to tell us what the deal is and maybe he gets out of those cuffs. He was right as rain after that. Still went to jail after we went back and forth trying to verify this and that.. getting his wife down there.. really gave it a good look before we decided he had to go. But that play sick shit happens all the time.


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But that play sick shit happens all the time.
I'm sure it does but the tazer has made it easier for
Deputy Dawg to just zap away and not have to do real
police work these days.

Like I said, I'm sure it's a great tool used properly since
it's not as deadly as a pistol but it also helps promote lazy
work by some of these Buford T. Justices out there.


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Have to disagree with the nay-sayers here. Never seen a tazer video that didn't make me giggle. Also, I've hit myself square in the chest with ones that the deputy department uses in Ca. and it's not that bad.


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This is probably about the 5th or 6th story EXACTLY LIKE THIS. These guys get no training to recognize and PROPERLY deal with medical conditions. They beat a schizophrenic homeless man to death, they have tazed and beaten numerous people who are physically unable to comply due to medical conditions. It's infuriating.

Watch for the cop that kicks him in the face about 6 times while yelling "stop resisting, mother fucker".
At about 2:30 they realize he's diabetic and decide to gently help him to his feet and call for medics.
    • 1
      Feel the victim's hands for signs of cold and clamminess. This is one of the signs they're having a reaction.
    • 2
      Ask the victim if they're dizzy or are feeling lightheaded or feel as though they may faint. Sit the victim down in a chair or on a bed to prevent accident or injury.
    • 3
      Evaluate the victim for confusion. Confusion is a sure sign of diabetic shock and the victim may act in a befuddled manner. This sign is often confused with the victim being inebriated, although they've had nothing alcoholic to drink.
    • 4
      Feel the victim's pulse. Rapid pulse and any other signs that have been mentioned in previous steps should be medically evaluated.
    • 5
      Ask the victim if they’re feeling weak. When blood sugar drops dangerously low, the victim may feel weak and fatigued and want to sleep.
    • 6
      Ask the victim if he has a headache or blurred vision and look for sweating. Ask the victim if has had anything to eat. Give orange juice or any other sugary juice, candy of any kind or non-diet soda. The victim needs sugar in his system. When the victim feels better after the sugar intake, ask him to make an appointment and get evaluated by a physician immediately.
    • 7
      Watch the victim for aggressive or combative behavior. These symptoms may easily be mistaken for other conditions.
ehow isnt the most scientific place to get a list of symptoms but here it is.

There is nothing that stands out that may show diabetic shock. All the symptoms above, and most other lists, are very similar to being drunk. The list also involves asking the person questions, which there is not always time to do. One of the symptoms is being aggressive and combative. That certainly makes it extremely difficult to tell.

Is the video above isn't even the same incident the article is talking about?. In that video, what could they possibly see that would make them think diabetic shock over drunk guy not wanting to cooperate?

I don't have a better way to tell, but should there be a one minute discussion about any medical problems before putting hands on anybody that won't listen?

Realistically what should the officer do?

Get out of the car, put your hands up....(guy looks at you but doesn't move) Oh my.. ok.. Do you have any medical problems sir? Felling tired? Weak and fatigued? Lightheaded at all? Are you feeling confused a bit? I'm just going to reach in and feel your pulse, this is not a trick to try and grab your wrist, as soon as I have a reading on your heart rate I will let go ok? Is your heart beating fast for any other reason than a cop is yelling at you to get out of your car before he physically has to remove you? No? Well this might get a bit uncomfortable and possibly painful but get ready to tussle sir. Ok?