Country Singer Mindy McCready found Dead


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Country music singer Mindy McCready has committed suicide, according to FOX 17 and multiple other reports.
Stacy McCloud, a reporter at FOX 17 in Nashville, tweeted:
“A close family friend of Mindy McCready has informed me that the country singer has committed suicide.”
A short time later she tweeted:
“The Mindy McCready suicide I told you about has now been confirmed from 4 different sources. A statement from the family is in the works.”
McCloud said she spoke to McCready’s family who confirmed the news.
Andrea Canning, a correspondent for NBC News, is also reporting McCready committed suicide on Sunday. Canning said a family friend told her that McCready “shot and killed herself this evening.”
E! News also spoke with a family friend who confirmed the news.
McCready, who was an American country music singer, was born on Nov. 30, 1975. She recorded five studio albums, including her debut album Ten Thousand Angels back in 1996. McCready gained notoriety back in 2008 when her relationship with Roger Clemens was made public.
About a month ago, McCready’s boyfriend, David Wilson, died at the age of 34. His cause of death has has not been released, however the investigation is still open.
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I remember a while back, she showed up in the news doing some crazy shit, and I thought to myself at the time that her imminent death was a foregone certainty.


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I didn't know who this lady was either but it sounds like this isn't much of a surprise. I'd be interested how she did it. That stuff always strikes my curiousity.


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Mindy your manners, you jerks.


deftones or somefuckin' body
another one of Dr. Drew's patients die.
He shouldn't get to call himself doctor anymore. At some point whatever degree granting institution gave him his credentials should be able to strip him.

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and i'm sure she faked that seizure she had on Celebrity Rehab.

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Nice! I've never heard this before.
It's from his newest (2012) CD/DVD Before Turning the Gun on Himself.
I like Stanhope's points of view, even if I don't find him particularly funny sometimes.
Doug is probably my all-time favorite stand-up. Dave Attell is right behind him.


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I've hit worse. She had some big ol hooties there.

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She's better than you, Smirkalicious.
Story says she killed her Dog, then herself.

What a cunt. Her kids are better off.