Coupre died ‘after window they had sex against broke’


A COUPLE are believed to have fallen to their deaths when a window they were having sex against gave way, say reports.

The horrific accident allegedly happened in China when the glass pane shattered.

The tragic man and woman are then understood to have hurtled to their deaths.

Eyewitnesses said the couple both fell to the ground as they clinched on to each other.

A source in China said: “With the two of them holding each other tight, they fell out of the building”.

Shocking photos in China appear to show the couple on the ground under sheets.

Blood is splattered near their bodies on the pavement.

Medical staff and what appear to be police officers can also be seen examining the scene.

The man and woman are thought to have fallen out of an apartment in the city of Wuhan, central China.

Local sites suggested windows in the building were of poor quality.

Local sites suggested windows in the building were of poor quality. - Do ya think Corumbo?

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When I was in China and saw how the buildings and high rises were constructed, I shuddered at the thought of a major earthcrake while I was there.


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Like the mighty bald eagle, the trick is to cum before you hit the ground.


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Look close to the blood stain, you can see a splotch of Crème of Sum Yung Guy


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I would have went with "Couperl".

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Did the guy official die in the pussy or did they fall away from each other before he could achieve the honor?


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Put 'em on the glass!