Craig from the "Sports Guys" is Fired


Is alive.
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I was shocked. But now you can listen to some guy called Farrel. It is believed, that he was sent to make the show more raunchy/comedic.

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It said in the paper on Mon. that he called in on Friday and quit his job at the Fan. I guess he did some 12:30pm show there. I feel bad for Craig, but I'm still listening.


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I am pissed that the "Menudo" show has changed once again. I was starting to really get into Craig and Blaine. I think Blaine will be back after the new year. I like Craig and he will be missed on the show. I am now listening to Jodie & Sid on WFAN in middays. They do a good job and I have always liked Sid since the original Sports Guys. Farrel is pretty good, I think him and Blaine will mesh well. It just blows that Craig had to go.
Yeah I was getting into Blaine & Craig too. I don't think I like Farrel that much. Too much talk about himself, and how crazy he is.(allegedly..)
I do like Sid on the Fan tho' he's doing a really good job.
Maybe Mason & Kalinsky can come back. Uggh.


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I liked the sports guys when they were Scott and Sid..
They just fucked it all up.
oh well fuck it..
My Morning show is goin to be listenin to the Radio Chick on the Q


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Is Ferrel Rocko by any chance:

(raspy voice) Hey, I'm pretty crazy, that's why I'm getting suspended next week (end raspy voice)

They may be one in the same.
Farrel was on WFAN late nights a few years back when Dennis Rodman was still on the Bulls. I liked his show. I also heard his show a few times a couple of months ago when he was on Espn Radio. He is aight.