Crazy Chick Gets Tackled By Cops Video


There's nothing quite like a shorn scrotum.
For anyone whose had a psycho girlfriend;

The ending is priceless.

Here is the LINK

HockeyHelmet know one who speaks at funerals
"Yea we found her she's got a knife in her gut" :clap::clap: :haha7:


Will Drink Today
" just leave her, there is nothing we can do":haha7::haha7:
That moustache cope looks straight out of Reno 911. In fact, this whole fucking scene looks straight out of Reno 911.


Bastard coated bastard w/ bastard filling
I remember when this first aired on 'Cops'. The lady looks down and you have a great shot of the knife sticking out of her gut.


head retard
too bad it didn't stick in her poo ha.

Dopie Opie

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SHe went down like a sack of shit. Black bitches have more fight in em than white bitches.

On the positive we almost got some nipple action


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
i have that on cops uncut that my wife bought me years ago, i like the old nekked guy screeming about the nazis