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I am interested in buying a Creative Zen m300 or Zen X-Fi3 (because of the expandable Micro SD feature)

If anyone owns one of these could you please tell me how the file system works. Can you sort songs in playlists by name? Can you rename mp3's easily?

I had a Sansa Fuze (also Micro SD) and it was good but you couldn't sort the songs in playlist by file name. It always wants to sort by ID3v1 tags and meta data. So you couldn't have a 300 song playlist be organized, it wouldn't sort to filename, it would display the tag names...

"04 - Trackname" instead of "artist - song title" which was the file name.

Also with the Sansa Fuze, it was difficult to rename files. If you plugged the mp3 player into the computer, deleted a song and put if back on the player, it would still wouldn't truely delete it from the mp3 player harddrive, it would recognize the file and just 'restore' the old mis-named song. (even after format, format didn't format it just emptied your device)

Basically the filesystem on the Fuze sucked and I need to know if Creative does it better.


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I have a Zen VisionM and I love it. It's almost 5 years old and still works fine.
My wife's on her 3rd iPod. I'll take the Zen over any crap apple sells but these
days I use my phone more than anything.


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Honestly, if you aren't just going to use your phone for music then buy a fucking ipod.

I don't like apple products in general but the Ipod is by far the best MP3 player in existence. You can probably get like an 80 gig one cheap.
iTunes means iPods will never be an option for me. The only appeal they possibly hold is third party accessory compatibility, but that's not a big deal for me.

The best thing I ever did was hold on to my Droid Incredible when I got my new cell phone. Could have gotten $70 if I sold it, but instead I put it in Airplane mode (battery will last days even with moderate use) and use it as a MP3 player. Drag & drop to load music, a wide variety of music player apps to chose from, etc. Still has wifi, bluetooth, GPS capabilities, and so on. If your current phone is an android, all your paid apps can be downloaded on your other android devices for free. It's pretty much an iPod that I can use as a backup phone if something happens to my current one.

Seriously, just find a used Android phone (you can get good ones for <$100) and just don't activate the service.


I do still have a Creative Zen Photo that is probably 6-7 years old at this point that works fine.
I just haven't had a need to use it in about 4 years since I got an Android phone.
Especially since the fucking thing is almost bigger and weighs a lot more than my phone.