Credit Score - Credit Karma vs Experian


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Checking my credit today, I went to Credit Karma, and to the FICO score offered by Amex (Experian). I saw that they were almost 100 points different. (788 on CK and 697 on Exp). Wondering why the huge variance and who to even believe? My accounts are current and I recently paid off a bunch of credit cards. Is one more "reliable" than the other?

Nope not in the market for more credit, just want to make sure I'm not getting hosed by a false report.
I think a lot of times is when they "look" and then calculate your credit. Like I was doing a renovation here so I'd put everything on my Amazon credit card and then pay it off at the end of the month. Credit Karma looked one month and I was using more then half of my credit so it dropped like 50 points. Even though I paid off the card every month. So what I did is just got a PayPal card (that I will never use) to increase my available credit and now back to 800...

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Blame the Jew.

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Too bad Frank isn't here anymore to help. His credit was constantly going up 60 points.


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I believe they update at diffrent times. So you may have one that changes drastically for what ever reason then the other may change a few weeks or months later.

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I heard a rumour there were places you could go where you pay them like $1000, and they would make you several loans on paper only, with you repaying them, to raise your credit score.

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My various scores are within 10 points of each other. Give it time and they should level off. Only time I had a big variance like that was when my wife opened a new (joint) account without telling me. It hit the one first, and then the other.


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the algorithm considers how much open credit you have and how much is used, the balances.....weirdly it can be better to carry reasonable balances and make payments without missing to increase your score

Having no balance isn’t necessarily better

It’s dumb