Creepy Jello Pudding Commercials

Am I the only one creeped out by the "Pudding Face" commercials?
Look at this. I purposely avoid creepy kids and scary movies and then BAM, right on ESPN or NBC.

This thread really bombed.

"I'm sorry I did that, I'm embarrassed that I did that"

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Watching PTI
I think the problem is no one watches commercials anymore with DVR. I can understand seeing some on ESPN if you are watching live sports but it's baseball season anyway and baseball is the best sport to DVR.


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I can't say I've ever seen that series of commercials before, but yuck, did Jello really believe that gimick would sell pudding?!?


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It all just kind of fades in together.

The commercials I really wish I could find links to, are the ones that support/destroy Nick's theory about liberal faggotry. I get half a hard-on whenever I see a good one that fits either side.