Creepy new Moe haircut Villian.

Umm, cohen brothers. looks pretty badasssss, didnt even know i wanted to see an old man get his scalp removed with compressed air
I can't watch the trailer cuz my speakers are broken, but I did just read the book. Fucking great writer. He's really poetic. I will definitely check this one out.


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Looks pretty good. Can't wait for it to be on DVD.

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Wow. Very excited about this.

What the hell is that lock-popper thing? Looks like he used it on somebody's head.


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Ooooo... it's got Milton!

And I see Woody Harrelson is pulling out his Larry Flynt voice for this one.


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Cormac wrote The Road, fucking amazing post-apocalyptic novel. One of the best I've ever read.

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Woody Harrelson & sawed-offed shotguns. That's all I need to know.