Cross-dressing Oregon mayor gets 5th term


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Cross-dressing Oregon mayor gets 5th term
Posted on November 8, 2012 at 7:02 AM

SILVERTON, Ore. (AP) — Stu Rasmussen, who became the nation's first openly transgender mayor in 2008, has won a fifth term in the Willamette Valley city Silverton.

Rasmussen faces a gap of $700,000 between projected general fund revenue and spending in the next budget for a city of about 9,000 where residents say they pay little attention to his breast implants and low-cut dresses.

The Salem Statesman Journal ( reported Rasmussen, who owns a movie theater, beat three opponents for the two-year term.

Other election results showed there will be new members of the City Council and a levy to maintain year-round operation of the city pool was in question.


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