Custom built rat rods for under $10G's on TV


I like fistables.
Ever want a top notch rat rod custom built for you? The guys at Welderup are getting a reality TV show and are looking for projects to build on the air.

[h=6]!!!Attention WelderUp Fans!!!
New Reality Show featuring WelderUp!

Love Rat Rods? Want one? Want to be on television?!

Proper Television, in partnership with WelderUp is looking for car lovers who are in the market for a one-of-a-kind Rat Rod to appear in a brand new reality television.

The new show, airing on a major national network, features WelderUp founder and owner Steve Darnell and his team of expert fabricators as they create killer custom cars in their shop here in Las Vegas.

Each episode will feature a new client who comes to the team to create a totally unique, custom Rat Rod, built specifically for them. Clients are invited to think big for their car designs – want a tank themed Rat Rod? How about a fire-spitting demon? If you can think it up, they can build it!

Buyers are expected to invest up to $10,000 in the new car. Contributions from the show and the extensive labour involved in the build will make the vehicle immediately worth many times that amount, and once the television show airs buyers are free to sell the car at auction where they are certain to turn a tidy profit.

Interested buyers should contact Stacey at:[/h]