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For all you savages with a soft spot in your black hearts for cute and cuddly creatures, I stumbled across this site.

Few things are as adorable as baby animals. That's why there's been a proliferation of sites dedicated to animals. I'm sure you've seen the lolcats and loldogs.

Of course, most sites stick with domestic animals like cats, dogs and guinea pigs. Not everyone has access to more exotic animals. Zoos are a different story, though. They have access to all kinds of animals. Plus, animal babies are born daily in zoos.

That's what the cleverly named ZooBorns is about. It's a record of every animal born in every zoo in the world. You'll see baby elephants, cheetahs, lorises, arctic fox pups and so much more. It's a menagerie of cuteness!

Each post has photos and videos of the animal. They also contain interesting information. It's cute and educational.

Finally, you can browse for specific animal types. You can also browse by zoo. Check out a zoo near you. You might be able to go see the babies in person.

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