Cutting in line at Walmart on Black Friday


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I think that white boy would have whipped him good

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He is one of those idiots that will end up fucking with the wrong bull. I think his friends saved him from a humiliating beating. I know a half a dozen guys that would have fucked him up sideways, one in particular kicked the shit out of a bunch of Chavs when he was in England with his wife. He tossed them a beating that they will likely never forget.


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As soon as that thug sd there was nothing anyone could do abt it, I started seeing red and know that I would have immediately taken a swing. This is why my husband has regretted taking me to 1) lowes 2) bingo halls, and 3) universal studios among other places.


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That wasn't a Wal-Mart, it was a Best Buy. Just sayin'