Anyone have a idea of when the hell o and a are comming down to here or Baltimore? I have listened to them in Jersey for the past 2 years and comming down here without them really blows! Any info would be greatly appreciated


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I am not sure if they are goin there but if you go to the other radio sites they are at then you should be able to hear the show...
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D.C. is gonna be a hard move because don and mike broadcast from there from 3 to 7 and their show is on a tape delay up here in NY. Maybe the'll put O & A on a tape delay down there. They should just boot fag and queer, I mean don and mike and put on O & A with out a tape delay from 3 to 7.
well i actually had to listen to those old fags the other day and one of them just bought a place in nyc. go figure
How do they continue to make money they suck in my eyes. I guess in those other markets there really is nothing else to listen too.


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When O&A go into DC, they will probably start on tape and if on WJFK (www.1067wjfk) most likely they will start on the weekends. That station is a very sucessful fm-talk radio station and doesn't really need the help that some of the other stations that O&A are being put on.


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the fact that Don and mike bought a house here in NY might mean something. Maybe they are going to do the show live from new york from 7 to 11 and go at that time from all the other cities they are syndicated to, and move O&A to their time in DC and all the other markets.
Thats because Don and Mike are comming to NYC um R & F um awww I wont start roomers lets find out in a few weeks ok???
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I don't think Don and Mike will be doing Live 7-11. That would be a step down for them. That's my opinion. I could be wrong.


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i would like to know if wysp can be heard on virgra beach area