Dallas on Monday!!!


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On Monday the 25th, the virus will spread to Texas. I hope that the people there are not resistant to the O&A virus...

And they will also spread to Cleveland nextweek also.(Cleveland Steamer anyone?)
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How do you know the 25th for sure?
What time slot...rumors say Midday Jocks Ron and Don are on the way out...hate to see that..rather see O&A bump Loveline from 10pm to 2am.
Just as stern does well in 98% of his markets, so will O&A. They have a better show than stern so in a year from now I think the'll be in the top 3 of every market their in

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Stingray said it best. If Stern's show does so well in those areas, O & A will kill!! Their show is ten times better. Stern just doesn't have any excitement. It's the same old shit everyday. I wonder why Stern fans don't realize that. Oh well, O & a will succeed wherever they go.
Yes O&A will do fine in Dallas..but the tape delay thing (if it's true) is a bitch. Our current middays "Ron and Don" are market climbers and are growing a loyal fan base pretty quick...Nothing like O&A...but better than Howard.....Stern has lost a step since the divorce and he's just milking Radio to subsidize his T.V nut.


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Watch for D&M to get the midday slot replacing Ron & Don (all T&A all the time doesn't make for a good radio show) and for O&A to be on tape in the night time..... The rumor is that Infinity is trying to garnish a younger audience for O&A by playing their tapes at night across the country.
Easy now,,there's alot to be said for LOCAL talent..All syndicated lineup sucks..HARD!!
Ron & Don are reviving the midday numbers quickly and "The Faithful 51" like rubbing elbows at all the local clubs with these guys. And their not all T&A.!! When's the last time you listened to the show...HUH? :mad:
AND ANOTHER THING.!! What station is going to ignore the prime male demo(25-44) for younger guys who don't buy from advertisers! :mad:


welcome to the board Big Rick. Since New york is sending you O&A do me a favor? Shoot Jerry Jones so the Boys can get back to greatness.


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why don;t they just but ron and rez back to night where they where great


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Ron and Fez were great at night. But I think they are even better at this time slot. The night time slot is not good for them. They want to make a step up. If they went back to night's they would be taking a step down. Plus they are awesome in middays. Better than CBC. They are a great lead in to O & A.

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but there where great at night when any one can drop in drunk as hell an talk a lot
like the afro shows


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I don't know if D&M will be live in the middays in Dallas...... Just some funny things are happening with the syndicated Infinity shows....... It seems like they are starting to consolidate the timeslots across the country.

But knowing Infinity's past, who know what will happen.


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greasman do you know when r&f are going back to they old time because ron said the would't be there in there time slot any longer


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I am kinda getting confused with the whole thing, it seems like more and more that O&A will be live in some markets in the afternoon and on tape in the larger ones. Especially with Clev. & Columbus (3500 Watt FM station might as well be AM)

This and R&F hinting that they are no longer on middays, could mean that D&M are going to move to middays and move their show to that time slot across the country.

I don't know how that move is going to go over in DC and all of the markets that they are on. Especially in DC, if you think that O&A have strong NYC afternoon numbers, then you havn't seen D&M's DC numbers. 12+ they are at ~7.5, and 25-54 they are almost a 12.(Second place is like 2.5). Infinity would really be gambling by moving D&M in DC.