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Gonna be there this week. I've been there once before did the whole JFK thing. I dug Humperdinks for good microbrew. Any other suggestions? Good BBQ?


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So is it Dallas or Mexico City? Or are you going to do the sitcom "2 places at the same time" kind of gimmick?

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He's actually going to Alaska and posting these threads to keep us from stalking him.


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Visit the site of the fertilizer explosion.
Rent an open top car .

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If you want authentic Texas BBQ you should go to Applebee's.


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So is it Dallas or Mexico City? Or are you going to do the sitcom "2 places at the same time" kind of gimmick?
going to Dallas this week, then come home friday, leave Sat or Sun for Mexico City.


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I'm sitting in a hotel in Dallas right now. I don't think anyone cares enough about me to comment on my travel decisions however.


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I think it is a hipster kind of crowd...
Speaking of which, is it a hipster trend to wear a cowboy hat now? I saw a dude in the store last week wearing a scarf tied around his neck, a dress shirt untucked, designer jeans with the holes and fades, Vans or some comparable shoes, and a fucking cowboy hat.

He was in an area where a lot of people actually are "cowboys", so he didn't look like a hipster, he just looked like a gay cowboy.

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Are you 40 or under?
Check out Double Wide. It is a trailer park themed bar.... I heard the drinks are pretty damn good.

Dallas hipsters go there from what I've been told. Been there twice, if you're looking for a shitty hole in the wall bar that's in a double wide, go here. Plus that's not where you want to go if you want good drinks, you go there for Shiner in a can(shittiest way to have shiner) or PBR. If you're looking for good local Texas beer there's a place right by me in Far North Dallas (dunno where NuttyJim/Menino are staying) called Jack Macks Swill and Grill. The place is fucking chill as hell, has all local Texas beers on tap, and local food, wine, and liquors. The food there is delicious, and they make really good pizzas too. Not normal style pizzas either. I pimp that place out not because it's within walking distance of me, but the staff there is mad fucking cool as hell. There's a place in Deep Ellum that has a bunch of local beers on tap but I can't think of the name. Lee Harveys is in the middle of rapeville but the place is awesome. There's a bunch of picnic tables set up outside, live music, cheap beers and mixed drinks, love going there on the weekends especially. Another place to hit for a lot of beers is The Flying Saucer. Deep Ellum has some places for food, drink and music too. Other places to check out for food/drink/music are on Mockingbird, and Greenville ave. For BBQ there's a lot of places to go to, like Dickeys, etc, just gotta drive around and see them. Same with Steak houses. One place I was told to check out for BBQ is Pecan Lodge, in downtown Dallas.

For places to check out I guess some of the museums around here like the Dallas Art museum, or the aquarium. The Perot Science Museum just opened in January and I've been told is fucking awesome, I haven't been there yet.