Damaged Medivac Helicopter Lands Safely on Mattresses


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No injuries after chopper makes soft emergency landing

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A medical helicopter missing half its landing gear came to a gentle rest on top of three mattresses during an emergency landing at San Antonio International Airport, where the aircraft was diverted after it struck a cellphone tower early Sunday.Around 3:30 a.m., a PHI Air Medical chopper carrying one patient and three crew members hit a tower near Interstate 35 and Binz-Engleman Road, knocking off one of the aircraft's two skids, PHI spokesman Brad Deutser said.
“Skids give you the balance to land on two feet, so to speak,” Deutser said.
According to San Antonio police, the impact occurred close to the helicopter's destination, the San Antonio Military Medical Center. The aircraft was directed to the airport, where San Antonio firefighters under the direction of Capt. Kevin Campbell were tasked with landing the damaged helicopter.
Campbell said the pilot, communicating through the airport's control tower, asked if firefighters had anything to put under the chopper so it could land.
“He knew if he landed, that he would crash,” Campbell said. “He suggested mattresses, and I told Engine 23 to grab three or four mattresses from the dorm. We also brought out weights

Holy FUCK!


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How the hell do you hit a cell tower??

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So what was the choppers sleep number?


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That idiot jumping next to the wine glasses was damn near decapitated!


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No pics of this shit?