Dananannnannnana Bat Bite!

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A 2-year-old was taken to the hospital Friday after Omaha firefighters captured a bat from a home.
The toddler had a scratch, the origin of which was unclear, said Assistant Fire Marshal James Gentile. As a precaution, the child was transported to Children's Hospital, he said.
Firefighters were called to the home near South 95th Court and Park Drive about 12:30 a.m. They had to force open the front door because the residents were hiding in the bathroom, Gentile said.
After its capture, the bat was released into the night. -- Sam Womack
Bat Link - http://www.omaha.com/article/20110624/NEWS01/706259957#bat-visit-sends-child-to-hospital

So it begins.......

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They should have called this guy:



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Zombie apocalapse begins! Bat bite is an excellent mode of transmission.
well i hope they gave the kid rabies treatments anyway, otherwise just kill him with fire it would be less agonizing