Dania Ramirez to join Heroes Cast


Is alive.
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Aug 14, 2000
Dania Ramirez, who played Callisto on X-Men 3, Blanca Selgado on Sopranos, Ana in Illegal Tender, will be joining the Heroes cast as the loose cannon, Maya who comes to the US to discover and control her powers.

Heroes' Actors Hint at What Lies Ahead

NEW YORK (AP) - They saved the cheerleader, they saved the world - for now. But the superpeople of NBC's ``Heroes'' return with a new round of intrigue next month.

Like, whatever happened to Hiro? In May's first-season finale, the adventuresome time-traveler - who can bend the space and time continuum - found himself surrounded by samurai warriors in 17th century Japan as an eclipse darkened the sky. How ominous.

With the Sept. 24 premiere approaching, cast member James Kyson Lee, who plays Hiro's sidekick Ando Masahashi, offers these tidbits: The next chapter in the ``Heroes'' saga picks up four months after the near-destruction of the world. Hiro (Masi Oka) remains in ancient Japan; Non-superpowered is living in the present day. Still, the two will be in touch.

``There is going to be a really interesting channel of communication between us,'' Lee tells The Associated Press.

``How that's going to happen, you'll have to find out on the 24th. But it will be a fascinating way of storytelling. And what happens in one timeline will affect the other,'' he says.

The plot also thickens for other ``Heroes'':

Noah Gray-Cabey, who plays the precocious son of good/evil single mom Niki (Ali Larter), hints at bigger things for his character.

``I'll say that Micah is definitely stepping out of his comfort zone,'' he tells the AP. ``And he's going to be meeting some new people, possibly even family.''

A new character named Maya (Dania Ramirez) struggles with a developing power. Sound familiar?

``I have a brother, Alejandro, and we're coming to the U.S. to try to find out what's going on with me,'' Ramirez says. ``I don't fully understand what's happening to me. However, my ability has me on the run.''

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May 4, 2006
Staten Island, NY
With her and Kristen Bell joining this year there will be some real hotness on the cast.

Gotta love the way Patrick Stewart is eyefucking her in that second pic.