Danzig: The Lost Tracks

I just "Acquired" the double album, as I will no longer put any money in his pocket after his several piles of shit, including the bootleg quality Live on the Black Hand Side.

Anyone else have the lost tracks yet? I've listed to a few songs and am waiting to draw an opinion, but it's great to hear new-to-me songs with John Christ. I also tried getting in touch with him through former business contacts and they lost touch with him as well. So no way to find out if he's up to anything and his website has been abandoned.

I also finally "acquired" the Samhain box set and heard some of the former Samhain tracks that morphed into early Danzig tracks under Rubin's guidance. Quite amazing, as Danzig was more a specialist in making brutal noise and raw lyrics than flowing evil soundscapes and coherent poetry.


You can go fuck.
poetry, incoherent or not, sucks.
Heh, I tried to buy that last night but borders didn't have it, gotta go see if i can acquire it myself. On the upside, I did get to watch a homeless woman turn a bench into a toilet.

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Haven't heard it yet. But I def. gotta get that Samhain boxed set. I really wasn't a fan of any danzig after 4 but I started giving the later albums more chances in my spins.