Dave Rabbit audio


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before anyone merges this or throws in a link to another thread, i used the search and didn't find anything about my request.

i know the rules regarding mp3, torrents, etc., but i am looking for a mp3 d-load of the entire dave rabbit tape the bbbboys played last week, just as it aired

i've been to the sites rabbit was plugging during his phoner, but i want to find some of the old 'nam stuff.

any help is appreciated. thanks


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May 23, 2007
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I have all of the audio from the hour long show that the boys played last Friday. I'll put it up on putfile or one of those sites. I'll PM you with the link.
Feb 24, 2006
I recorded the "Rabbit" show when they played it after they went home, but was a bit pissed off to hear Steve popping in with his cheerful little station ID.
His intro to the segment also almost sounded like he was making fun of Dave.
I'm sure I'm wrong but that's what it sounded like.