Dave Rabbit confirmed to be on 2/21/08


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Damn you guys are good!!!!!


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Dave Rabbit conformed to be on 2/21/08
I guess I was wrong. I had him pegged as a non conformist.

Why has there never been a movie made about this guy? The story behind his broadcasts is fascinating, and his delivery was great. The movie soundtrack would kick some ass too.


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The more I look up about this guy the more intrigued I am... this is almost as good as the Brocket 99/Ernie Scar tape I heard a long time ago and then found a perfect copy on the Internet. What makes this cooler is that Radio First Termer was a real pirate radio station.



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Dave Rabbit Interview he tells his story,WOW!


it is also on his official site


This is some Cool stuff.

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I like this post:

posted on 20-2-2008 @ 03:49 PM

OH yeah, one other thing.... If they ask you to watch the video '2 girls 1 cup' DONT DO IT!!!!!!


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I want the official Dave Rabbit sweatshirt they mentioned on the show today.


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Dave Rabbit is my new hero, he completely rules


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Listen to the replay and discover the awesomeness that is Dave Rabbit.


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I gotta ask my Dad if he listened to Dave Rabbit when he was over in Nam.
[Awful Twister dialogue] Rabbit is good, Rabbit is wise. [/Awful Twister dialogue]


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God, that's great, he's going to be on. They need to give him a SNV show, with him doing a show on there for a few hours, and playing old school hits, just like he was back in the Nam'.