David Lee Roth's Vocals Isolated


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I have been missing pieces of the show lately due to stupid work, so I dunno if the bbboys found this yet. But, holy shit, I was dying laughing my ass off. It
has douche chills, and cringe written all over it. Its just fuckin' awful, but hysterical. I can't believe actual fans of the band, think this is good.. Enjoy :)


Nice Head Deek
nevermind, lol just saw it on foundary.. I hope its watermarked somehow. I kinda knew they would have this one already :)
Honestly i expected worse... At first i though it wasn't going to be a total aural train wreck then I got to the parts in the middle where he is just screaming and grunting almost like poppa rock and I had to hit stop before the bitter bitter end.

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I thought it was going to be isolated vocals form a new VH show or something, these are the tracks from the VH1 album.
It just....sounds like Dave.
Isolate anyones vocal tracks and they sound weird.

It didn't sound bad to me either. Like CitizenV said, by the time most singers have the vocal tracks layered and effects added, they all sound wierd or bad.

I thought it was gonna be like a Linda McCartney live type wreck as well.


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Its the isolated vocal tracks from Vh1... who cares? Anyone whose ever been in a studio before knows this is pretty much SOP. Got news for you, almost all of your favorite signers sound shitty pre effects, isolated, before the release.


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Any isolated track sound weird..

He had a unique ability to do dual octave scream... weird.. but kinda cool.


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Whatever... the show I saw last Fall was FUCKIN' great.
I hear this is just a conspiracy by CBS to have Ant replace Dave as lead singer. He was out today to have secret talks with Eddie Van Halen.


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I'm the one who sent it to Steve ....they teased it as a sound on the CBS side but Opie never played it in full.


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I thought he sounded fine. Diamond Dave is one of my all time favorites !


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Basically sounds like you would expect it to sound.


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What's so bad about that? Its the same vocal track as on the album version of the song. Nothing embarrassing about that, considering it was a massive hit.


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Actually it's kinda cool. Before auto-tune, you actually had to sing what's on the tape.

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I don't get it, sounds good. Weird grunts at times, but sounds like Dave.


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I synced it up with the original and faded the music in & out. Cool stuff.