Dawson McAllister - XM 24


One character short :(
This show appeared on Pink about two months ago, and the people who call in have some strange issues. Apparently it's a Christian-oriented advice show, but I've been finding it entertaining in the wrong way. Nearly all the callers are between 14 and 30.

Some examples of callers from the last month:

- 18 year old girl is in a ton of after school clubs, just to avoid going home to her alcholic father and cunty mom.
- 26 year old male, been in a gang since 12 and became a drug addict, then left for religious reasons. Was beaten for three days. <-- this one sounds like a prank
- 15 and pregnant. Boyfriend wanted nothing to do with it, goes to jail, changes mind about everything.
- A girl moved hundreds of miles from home with her dad from her mom and abusive step-dad, because the step-dad has been making sexual advances on her.

Another forum I visit tries to prank this show, and some get through. The majority aren't, but every now and then one squeaks through. Maybe someday I'll be good enough at that to have Scott from Modesto call in.