Dc shoes: Ken block's gymkhana five: Ultimate urban playground; san francisco


Ken Block is fearless.

EDIT: Ha. Nice cameo by TP.


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Oh, I don't approve. That looks very dangerous. He could crash or run into a puppy.

The best is that sideways jump/slide at 5:40. Bad ass.


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I came.


Go back to your shanties.
I bet people loved that this was going on. Lovely weather for sitting in 8 hours of traffic.
Damnit, I was just coming on here to post this. My brother sent me it and just opened my e-mail.

Impressive driving, in between the two trolly cars and then he does that in front of the bike. I liked the sideways hop uphill too
Looked like a lot of fun


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I really shouldn't have watched that before driving home.
I might have pulled a few corners a little harder than normal.


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I wonder if they removed the rubber from the road.