Deadbeat dad has 22 kids

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Orlando Shaw guessed he had fathered 18 children with 17 women, but he really has 22 children with 14 women, making him the "most expensive deadbeat dad" in Tennessee history.
Shaw appeared in court in Nashville when Child Support Services sued on behalf of the mothers for tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid child support over the years.
"I was young and ambitious and I love women," Shaw, 33, told WTVF-TV. He said that when he was young he wanted 50 kids, but he's ready to get "fixed" now.
Shaw said he's proud of all his children, who range in age from infancy to 18, and is happy his large family will carry the Shaw name "for years and years to come."
The state is estimated to be paying more than $7,000 each month to help support all of Shaw's children. "How do we apply our child support guidelines to this many children in this many households?" asked magistrate Scott Rosenberg.
Rosenberg said it would take three or four full-time jobs to even come close to paying the child support Shaw owes.
Shaw will likely go to trial on the case and could receive jail time. But Shaw has been in jail before, and says his criminal history is what makes it difficult to find a job.
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