Dear O&A

Dear O&A (and li'l Jimmy) and Staff:

I was expecting you guys to be nice, but I got way more than I bargained for. Thank you all for all that you did for us, and for your complete generosity of spirit. I was overwhelmed and still am. I figured we'd get 10 seconds to plug our "stupid show" (as Op so eloquently put it) on Friday, but 45 minutes and a couple of sets of rubber gloves later...words can't describe it.

I don't want to blow up your spot as Bad Asses, but you're all pretty cuddly. :icon_bigg

Thanks again, boys. See you in February.

your obt svt,



I suggest you tread lightly
Wackbag Staff
I think it would be appropriate, in order to show your appreciation, for you to send me large amounts of Vicodin. :icon_mrgr

The Godfather

Spark it up for The Godfather and say!!!!!
You could probably prescribe me some 80mg Oxycotton's if you really are feeling grateful...


I'm on da Zoloft..........
barbiturates all around!!!!


Making America So Great You Won't Believe It.
Lots of Lorazepam, please!


Uncontrollable Urge
No more Benzo's !
Do have some spare Oxazepam though...

Creasy Bear

gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh
Dilaudid for me. My pain is great.


You will be molested
Flexeril = more gooder.

fuck vicodin and its 500mg of liver damaging acetaminophen. How am I supposed to drink bourbon with that?

ol' Cabey leg

As in Ol' (Darryl) Cabey leg
I'm down for some 80's...Pretty Please!!

Vics would work too though, can't be too picky.

Hog's Big Ben

Getting ass-***** in The Octagon, brother.
Does this look OK to you?



I'm bi-winning.
If you're still taking orders:

10 ft. of surgical tubing
40oz. Vaseline
Chest spreader
2 dz. long Q-tips
1 bag saline solution
ultrasound machine



Your moms box.
are you a real doctor? You went after Pat Duffy's asshole pretty darn quick.


Free Shit / Socialism 2016
Wow.... i never realized there were so many drug addicts on wackbag...

Must be full of Dittoheads...


Proud Patron of Ted's Conglomerated Gasmaskery
I just need some chloroform, a ladder, 100 feet of nylon rope, and a cordless bonesaw. Thanks!