Death Metal Moe's Unhallowed@Popeye's Pub(Peekskill, NY) Dec 8th


Is alive.
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Death Metal Moe's Unhallowed

will be performing at

Popeye’s Pub
(All Ages)
December, 8 2007 at at
Peekskill, New York 10567
2056 East Main Street.

Dimebag Darrell tribute Show!!

All proceeds go to support Dime’s favorite charity, "Little Kids Rock."
Hahahahahahahaha dude I literally live 3 minutes away from Popeye's. My friends and I used to go all the time for shows. In fact, Subzero shot a music video there and you can see us in it. I guarantee even if I don't go, about 10 people I know will be there cause they're at every show in Westchester county.

Moe, in all seriousness, if you need directions anywhere in Peekskill, Croton, Montrose, etc. let me know. I can get to Popeye's blindfolded and let you know the best places to get food and the cheapest gas.

Max Johnson

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Basically a show of Pantera/Damageplan covers? Very interesting...