Death Race Remake


I'm Gonna Be The Bestest Pilot In The Whole Galaxy
Jun 1, 2005
Think so? It is being produced by Corman
Corman? Quality? "whaa" (Keep in mind Tobe Hooper "produced" Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake and the prequel remake. So they can just throw their name on whatever shit for some money.)

A) It's written and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson. The man behind Alien v. Predator; Resident Evil 1; Mortal Kombat. He hasn't made a single good movie.

B) What was the last decent remake. These directors, especially remake directors, seem more concerned with flash than substance. The charm of movies like Death Race 2000 (the original) or the original TCM or even going to tv something like American Gladiators was the bare bones simplicity of it all. They try too hard to make it "cool" by doing the same generic "cool" things hundreds of other directors do. Especially something like Death Race 2000. Few directors (and Anderson is NOT one of them) have the balls to give it the same brutality and soul of the original. The same with the upcoming Escape from New York remake. What this will be is a fast empty car chase movie.

(God I sound like a talkbacker. :( I promise, when I do my Top 10 Movies Of The Year, I won't include movies that aren't going to be coming out in 2009, but I saw 2 minutes of test footage and it's my favorite movie of this year.)


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
Aug 23, 2002
i love the original but, i think a re make of what was a shitty movie to begin with wont be an issue, i just hope the stick to the point of the original. with the way the media has basically taken over every thing. a re hashing of the story is about due, most people have never seen the original, so i say go for it. maybe it will bring some exposure to the original


The reward is cheese.
May 23, 2005
Think so? It is being produced by Corman
and directed by Paul WS Anderson, director of "Resident Evil" and the first "Alien VS Predator." indeed, this will suck something fierce.