Deion chooses Baseball?

Deion Sanders will play for the first time in a MLB game for the Reds tonight after being called up from the minors. When asked about if he will retire from football he didnt exactly answer the question but said he is devoted to baseball now.


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Wow are you for real with this he is such a great player with football... ehh oh well lets see how he does with baseball he is also good with that..
He has always been a 2 sport player. He is pretty good in baseball. Deion went 3 for 3 last night in his return and also Homered.


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oh o i didnt know that well good for him with that...
I think he will be a good addition to the Reds especially when Ken Griffey Jr comes back off the DL.


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Yeah deion has always been a real good baseball player. I think he would have been a hall of famer had he stuck with baseball in the begining. He can steal 100-125 bases in a full season. He can hit over 15 homeruns. he can drive in 70-100 runs. He has so much talent in this sport. He's a great hitter and fast as fuck. He should have made this decision awhile ago. Though I am sure he'll be a football hall of famer.

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Yeah i think Deion will make it into the NFL Hall of Fame he was one of the greats at his position and helped his team to win 2 Super Bowls.

I agree Mav he is and was always a great Baseball player. He should have a good season with the Reds especially when Griffey Jr comes off the DL that team should be one to look out for in the NL.