Deleting podcast from iPod Q's


O&A Curmudgeon
I finally got on the iPod bandwagon and bought a used 30GB video ipod, 5th gen. It works great.

I started downloading the cokelogic podcasts. I've since watched them all. I want to delete them from the ipod, but after I've watched them, they don't show up in my itunes library. They aren't under podcasts and they aren't in music. They still show up on the ipod though. I have 412mb of these video podcasts that I want to remove but they don't show up anywhere in itunes.

I looked in the /MyMusic folder where files are kept and found them in there. I deleted them, and resynced the ipod. The 412mb of video podcasts are still there. It isn't anything else, I've only put music and these podcasts on there.

Anybody got any ideas? I've looked at apple's discussion forums and googled the problem. There was one person that posted this question on the apple forums with the 5th gen 30GB and noone answered.

PS I'm using windows. TIA for any help!
If I were using windows for an ipod i'd delete itunes and use one of the third party programs for ipod. Itunes for the PC is garbage. Maybe someone who uses a pc could direct you better or just try a google search for third party ipod manager programs.