Deputies: Children found in trash-, feces-filled home; Mother arrested

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SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. —Five Upstate children are in protective custody after deputies said they found their home in deplorable conditions.
A Spartanburg County deputy said he was responding to another call when he saw a small, naked child carrying a hammer.
The deputy said he took the child to the home he was coming from but could not get anyone to come to the door.
According to the deputy, the child’s mother, Amy Henderson, eventually came to the door.
When deputies went inside the home they found a hole in the wall in the bathroom where feces was being dumped, thousands of flies in the home and bags of rotten garbage piled around the home.
Deputies said they also found the bathtub full of cat feces and the floor of the other bathroom was caved in and the bathtub could not be reached.
According to deputies three children were in the home at the time and all had filthy feet, scratches, bruises and lice.
Deputies said the other two children were at school at the time. The children were 4 months, 2-, 4-, 9-, and 10-years-old.
Henderson said they had been living that way for two years.
The children were all put in protective custody.



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