DeSAMber: The to-do-list


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Next month for Desamber, I have a to-do-list.

What Sam thinks is romantic for a Christmas gift for his LOVELY GAL.

What Sam eats at a Christmas dinner.

And, what Sam got for christmas, ten years ago.

Happy Po-Vember, and Merry Desamber.

Slap Jackson

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I'm buying 12 XM units, + 1 year subs, as Christmas gifts. The main reason is to spread the Virus! O&A are the best thing you can give to anyone...humor without any bounds. Give the gift that last a lifetime...give the gift of unaltered humor!
Fuck Sam...Thanuary is gonna the moth to listen to....

Earl's D

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Sam gets his picture with Santa

Sam writes/sends his wish list for trinkets to North Pole


Is alive.
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Sam as Black Santa.
Sam pickets Boston's city hall about the homeless problem.
Sam has a month were he eats only adult foods.
Sam wrestles Rey Mysterio.
Sam grows a Fro.
Sam does a weekly wrestling segment.
Sam interviews some authors about Thomas Jefferson.
Sam travels to his homeland.

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Remake of A Christmas Story, only "colorized" with Sam playing the part of Ralphie.