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I missed the Dice and he really kicked ass today. I loved the fight he had with his own soundbytes. Hail to Dice. :D


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It was just what us O&A fans needed to hear was Dice it was great...I laughed my ass off totaly awesome radio :)
Good Job Dice :D
and that telethon is a great idea
I missed the first half of it, but it's great to have the Diceman back. He killed!
I think the "telethong" is a great idea.


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The Diceman has cometh back!! Is it me or when he is on the show, it is just 10 times funnier? The guy just doesn't know when to stop talking, he constantly runs into the abuse. All the things he was saying could have been summed up in two lines, but he goes on and on. In the beginning I was agreeing with what he was saying, then he started repeating himself. That's when the fun began. O & A fucking with Dice is one of my favorite things about the show.

Now to his jokes. I was laughing my ass off at all of them. Whether they were hysterical or just plain corney. The reaction he has when a joke bombs is just priceless. I can go into the whole segment, but I won't. I will just say it was the most I have laughed in a long time. I love this damn show. :D


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f. i went to play golf so i only listen to the first hour or so. I did heard the intro song seek and destroy where brother joe ripped me off hohhoho.


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I knew he was on an episode of Different Strokes. (Not the porn flick) but didn't know he did a MASH* WOW geedagottagettapersonal.
Go Telethonggggg
I almost died laughing yesterday. As good as the O&A show is, it gets even better when Dice calls in. I just loved it when O&A started fucking with the Diceman. Now, that's entertainment. Eat your shit and die, Stern. "Nobody fucks with Dice!" Well tough 'cuz Opie & Anthony do. Bup! :D

Dice was really good on Crime Story. I never saw that episode of M*A*S*H... or Diff'rent Strokes, for that matter. But he did one hell of an acting job in Casual Sex. The funniest scenes were the ones he was in. He totally stole the show. As always! ;)


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Yeah, when O&A F with him, it is funny.