Dice vs Jay Mohr

I learned that when two temperamental guys are having a fight, don't let the woman get involved. You don't go to the woman telling her her husband flirts with waitresses. That's chicks gossip, if anything. Dice, what's wrong with you??? :confused:

I learned that Jay Mohr can't do a Dice impression. :p Leave this to Ant. He's the best. Dice can't do a Christopher Walken. I guess each of them has his strong points.

Another thing I learned about Jay Mohr is that he sticks by his lady. I guess that's kinda cool. One thing I wish I hadn't learned is that Dice can be a real dick sometimes. :( Hopefully he'll come out and admit it and Jay will forgive him. They need to chill out, take some time off, and then just make up and let it go.


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but it is still funny when the Diceman tries to do Walken and Jay tries to do Dice.


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Always funny when that happens...
Nothing like 2 men fuckin up impressions :D
Yeah but Dice does the best Travolta. And Jay owns Walken. I can't pick a side on this "comic fight". In many respects they're both wrong, and need to grow up. If I had to pick a side, I don't think I could. But I'm leaning towards the Diceman. What kind of pussy calls the cops on something this stupid? It's just Dice being Dice.
Dice does the best Travolta, De Niro, Al Pacino, Eric Roberts and Stallone. That one bit he does about them roasting marshmallows. It's a killer. :D Jay Mohr may own Walken. who cares. Dice rules! :p

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Jay Mohr does alot of good voice overs but no one can beat Anthony..
He is great at what he does