Is alive.
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He is on the show today. Listen from 3 to 7 pm every day to 102.7-FM WNEW. :rolleyes: :cool: :p


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Damn I missed that part what movie
and yes he was geat today


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Wow cool thanx for telling me... I am lookin forward to this


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Cause I bashed his annoying fat head in with a wratchet. Nah I don't know. I love when dice is on the show. He kills and he brings out the funniest side of opie and anthony. As well as the surrounding comedians or guests. he's the man anyway you fucking slice it.


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Its always been either Club Soda or that stupid angry kid whatever his name was. But I think Dice was and always is funny dayem saw him live and he kicked ass.
I guess O&A forget to ask that question when Dice got into the studio there was so much going on.