did anyone hear about the chick?


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on yerterday's Daily news said that she is going to be at the Q. I'm not sure at what time but i know that for a fact.


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ok, here's the whole article.

From: Arts and Lifestyle | Television |
Tuesday, December 11, 2001

Radio Chick to Go On
At Q in the Morning

Daily News Staff Writer

he Radio Chick has found a new nest in a spot some might call unlikely: the morning show at WAXQ (104.3 FM), where in January she and her posse of Chuck and Butch will join host Bob Buchmann.

The Radio Chick, aka Leslie Gold, is the former midday host on WNEW, where her routines, though they covered a wide range, could get blue. Buchmann's show rarely goes much past mild double entendre.

Gold doesn't see any problem.

"We were hired to provide comedy," she says. "We'll be instigators. I don't anticipate any big change from what we did before. They know what we do, so I'd say that's what they hired us for."

The Q morning show will continue to play some classic rock and Gold says that, too, will fit. "A 'gay Hitler' bit or a great track from Led Zeppelin," she says. "The best of two worlds."

Under Buchmann, who is also program director, WAXQ has risen in the ratings for two years, though it has dropped a little recently. The morning show is in 19th place with 1.8% of the audience, though it does better in its target age group, 25 to 54.

Gold says she "loved being on the air" at WNEW and "hated that I was fired." With the second-highest-rated show on the station, she says she still doesn't know why she was axed: "They told me then it was 'internal politics.' I don't know any more than that today."

She does know she's happy to be back. "Some days I was about to explode," she says. "I'd call Chuck and Butch and we'd do a show on the phone. It got so my family didn't take my calls."

Her only concern now, she says, is that because she has never done a morning show, "I hope I don't come off as too sleep-deprived or bitchy."

Unless that makes better radio.

She starts around mid-January.


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Originally posted by armymad:
<STRONG>W.O.W :rolleyes: LATE BREAKING NEWS :rolleyes:</STRONG>
Army No need to be a wise ass hun M22 comes to the board when he can.
But it is awesome news anyway.


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ALRIGHT! This news just made my day. :) Thanks for posting. The Radio Chick is back with both barrels. WOO HOO! :) I could go into a long rant about how and why she disappeared in the first place ;) but I won't do it. Not on this board anyway. :p It's great she's back though.


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Now i have something to listen to in the mornings.
No offense to Stern I was listening to him on and off,but also watching the news in the morning. But Now we have the chick..


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do any one know when she is going to start,
i want to listen the frist day to hear her talk :D :D :D
She starts Monday 104.3 co-hosting with Bob Buchmann. Chuck and Butchie will be on board.
I was just getting to like Ferrall too, after his call-in on fri. on O&A.
Guess I'll be flipping back & forth.