did you hear this sh.. today!!!!

hi all what a fuck is going on at wnew this is all fucktop in this station, it's a shit hole there they still go the chick on tape how fucking stupid is that??????
i hope rick is still with us today, that would suck monkey ass if is not there anymore.
I heard WNEW playing a replay of the Chick today and feel that was in real poor taste. I liked the Chick's show and didn't want her fired, but she was and that is that. Management made the decision and there is nothing that can be done. But since management made the decision maybe they should have had an idea of what the F they were gonna do to replace the show. If was fucked up how she got fired and how everything played out on all the shows, but the most fucked up thing is to insult the chick and her fans by replaying an old show today. Kinda makes you think that CBC didn't really need to get fired. I am sure management has "a plan", but replaying the chick made them look stupid. I support O&A and Ron & Fez and supported the Radio Chick, but I don't support WNEW anymore. Support the shows not the station