Digg founder Kevin Rose saves his dog from a raccoon


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Ahhh, so that was Kevin Rose? I used to watch Diggnation quite a bit back in the day.

Let's watch those fucking Nazis at PETA get all over his dick about being cruel to that poor defenseless animal.


LDAR, bitch.
Raccoons are a menace. I had to shoot one years ago when I lived in the woods. He was the Alpha. I dragged his bloody 40lb corpse around my property in a giant circle.
His 5 member family took the hint and never came back.
Holy shit.... that's balls to pick up a rampaging coon. I wouldn't do that if it was attacking my new infant baby. I'd be like "fair enough... you got it first."


I once ran over a family of racoons. I took out the mom and half of her brood of five.

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I couldn't get a good look at the suspect because he was wearing a mask.