DIGITAL: A Love Story


Here'sh The Thing
First & foremost, I checked to see if this was already here.
I got negative results.
[CUE FLETCHER:] I hope that's not the case with your AIDS test.
So if this's been written here previous, a thousand pardons ....

If, like me, you pine for the times of BBSes, 8-bit workhorses [for me, a second-hand Apple ][+] & 1200 baud modems,
then brother, do I have a treat for you ....

In DIGITAL: A Love Story, you are a hacker™ who's tapped in on a 3-way BBS conversation.
Following instructions & links, you're sunk deeper into a maelstrom of
BigBrother conspiracies, warez piracy & God-knows-what else ....

I'm not even beginning to do justice to a description of this masterpiece.
Suffice it to say you will absolutely be not wasting your time playing this.