Disabled My DVD-ROM?

Jul 13, 2006
Hey folks. I think I may have disabled my DVD drive a while back when I was looking at settings and trying to figure out resource usage.

So, when I check MY COMPUTER and look it says that it's a CD Drive but I can play movies with it if I select the disc.

Hell, I may have fucked it up with one of my programs and burning discs.

If any of you have a clue how I can turn my DVD drive back to acting like a fucking DVD drive instead of recognizing itself as a CD drive then let me know. I know I must have switched something off at one time but I don't remember what I did.

I'm wanting to get my PSP copy of Resident Evil:Extinction and I can't get the copy without the DVD drive working properly with the DVD film.

Thanks in advance baggers :action-sm


Registered User
Apr 12, 2007
Try reinstalling the drivers.