Do you believe in the miracle's?


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The Mets are scratching and crawling their way to the top. I have not felt much for this team all year, but now I have this feeling that they are for real. They are getting timely hits and really starting to come together as a team. We are missing alot of key elements from last year, but we seem to be playing the way everyone expected us to play. I have this 1973 feeling. The miracle Mets just might be back!! Stay tuned!!

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dude, i do believe in miracles and i have a feeling about this. I think they are going to scare some people this year again.
As a Yanks fan, I shouldn't post on this, I guess. However nothing would make me happier than to see the Mets get close to those G##damn Braves. 4 games under .500 and only 7 1/2 out, they got an outside shot. Esp in that division.
Lets hope they keep playing like they have been.


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i just hate the fucking braves. I hope they fucking choke and get fucked in the ass by the mets and every other teams.


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Mets win again!!

In the words of Jesse Jackson: Keep hope alive!!! :)


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Miracles only come once in a while, the Mets will need skills to win.


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tell Opie to root for some other team. They will have a chance then.


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The Mets have shown how classy an organization they are with the wearing of the NYPD, FDNY, and EMS caps. Also the whole team will be donating their salaries from this upcoming game on friday against the braves, to the victims families.

I don't want to sound insensitive, but I really think that this has given the Mets extra hope and emotion. They are playing for all the people that were lost, New York and America as a whole. This team is just so deeply affected by all of this and I feel like their play in the next coming weeks will inspire and give hope to all New Yorker's who have been affected by this tragedy. If they do what I feel in my heart they are going to do, It will definetly be a miracle. This city can use a miracle right now, something that can make us all smile.

No offense to other cities. I love you all as Americans. I just live here and I am feeling emotional. I pray for you. Wackadoo good luck with the Phillies, they are playing inspired ball also.

Peace my people, Mavric
3 games out,3 with Atlanta..How key is this series? I thought the Mets homecoming was the most poignant thing I've ever seen, and applaud them for wearing the hats of the Heroes ever since. I'm pulling for them to go all the way.


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the mets get your hope up and then bright you down like a rock