Do you think that Stephine McMahon ..


Is alive.
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Had a boob job?
Guess so, she just admitted it on air.
"never say never"..SMH
I guess they showed before/after pics on Raw last night. We'll find them.


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she was talking about massaging the boobs, i wounder if it would be alright to t-f her and just throw all the juice on her ts and just use that as lotion.


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Gee M22 I see some one is a little sexualy frustrated ;)


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do any one hve the two pic of her side to side :eek:


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The bottom line is her tits are now huge. I for one think they are hot!. That's my only complaint with O & A they always complain about fake boobs. Who gives a fuck? The skin on the outside is human. As long as she has some suckable nipples she is okay in my book. I don't like the insane implants. Stephanie's are fucking nice. They are not overdone. Overdone is like triple Z. It doesn't matter big or small to me. Fake or real, I don't care. Just let me get my hands on those cans. :)

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I dont really care either she looks hotter like that a rich little cocksucking slut she is good at that role.


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She was hot with out them but when she was on she was so depressed about her boobs.Does anyone think she really needed a boob job>