Do you view pr0n at work?

Do you do Pr0n at work?

  • Yes I do porn sites at work.

    Votes: 16 35.6%
  • No I do not.

    Votes: 29 64.4%

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I sometimes browse the paper's website from the city I used to work. Ran across this little gem today.

Two Richmond employees are expected to be fired for using city computers to access pornographic sites more than 12,000 times each in two months.
The administration also is recommending that department directors impose five-day suspensions without pay for 81 employees who visited inappropriate sites on their city computers between 50 and 5,000 times.

The city is sending written reprimands to 107 employees who visited sexually explicit sites from 10 to 50 times.
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I paid $2 a month for O&A and I LIKED it!
They may count Wackbag among those "pornographic" sites. They would most likely count Foundrymusic as pornographic. One man's definition of obscenity may be vastly different from another.

Would you like to be suspended w/o pay for reading about toast?


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
ha ha ha we get our pr0n at work the old fashioned way, we have a stack of nudie books in the shitter. but when i do bring my lap top in porn usually shows up on it just to show my boss that the world is a huge ugly place, the last porn that i showed at work was the sadam hanging (yes thats porn)

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I know a few people at the courthouse with internet access who were able to figure out how to get around the block the office of court administration had put on those kinds of sites. They got into a lot of trouble when they were discovered - one was even demoted. Before I started bringing my laptop to work, I used my supervisor's computer to access wackbag & it's also blocked - the pop-up said something about it being a site that may contain pornographic materials. They've got bodog blocked too. Apparently, the office of court administration does not want its employees to have any fun!


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Used to but now I don't have the time or an office anymore.


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well, I can't hook my computer into a beehive for the internet, so that would be a no


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Never saw a waterproof laptop so no.
Lots of work filters ban Wackbag.

Hell, the free internet on the NYS thruway rest areas blocks it.
No. What would be the point of going to pr0n sites at work?


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Negative. I've viewed the "Who is this girl" thread a few times though. That might count. Oh well, I hate my job anyway. Fuck em. That's what I say!


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depends on if someone brings it or not. could be the boss, or the company man. you never know.