Do you want Ron and Fez on K-Rock? Here's the plan. 7/27


Is alive.
Wackbag Staff
Aug 14, 2000
A group of the members of RonFez.Net and Wackbag are planning to show their desire to have Ron and Fez on KROCK by repeatedly calling into the KROCK station when program director Tracy Cloherty is in and corresponding to the party at the VIP club with Erock, Ron & Fez, ESD, Pitz, Earl &etc.

Even if you do not live in New York, think of the possibilities of syndication after Ron and Fez are broadcasting to other cities which could be yours but they will need someplace to be syndicated from and that is KROCK.

Your help is needed for this plan to succeed.

mikeyboy said:
We're planning another K-Rock phone blitz for this Friday leading up to the event at the VIP Club. Please call often and let them know that you would love to hear Ron & Fez back on the air. If you're planning to come to the VIP Club on Friday, it certainly wouldn't hurt to let them know that you're looking forward to that event as well.

Main Office - (212)314-9230
Fax- (212)314-9338
CBS Radio - (212)846-3939
Old FreeFM answering machine - (866)313-FREE

(Thanks to Blowhard and HTG for the numbers).