Doctor used hands of sedated patients undergoing abortions to carry out obscene acts


Accused: Mr Sharma faces a misconduct charge for allegedly using sedated patients to carry out 'obscene acts' on himself

A consultant used the hands of sedated patients to perform obscene acts on himself during abortion procedures, a medical watchdog heard.

Dr Narendra Sharma, who was working at the Marie Stopes clinic in Fallowfield, Manchester, as a locum anaesthetist, is accused of moving a woman's hand under the operating table during one of the procedures.

Dr Sharma is facing a misconduct allegation at the General Medical Council after two medical workers made claims against him.

One staff member at the clinic said she saw Dr Sharma take a woman's left hand and move it under the operating table during an abortion procedure.

Healthcare worker Julie Ackroyd, said she also noticed Dr Sharma exposed. A second medical worker has also made allegations against the doctor.

The hearing follows a criminal trial at Manchester Crown Court in April 2009, where the father-of-two was acquitted of three charges of causing a person to engage in sexual activity without their consent.

The hearing was told that 24 patients had been booked in at the clinic on April 18, 2008.

Dr Sharma was in the operating theatre with a surgeon, an operating department practitioner and Mrs Ackroyd.

He was stood to the left of the patient. Tim Smith, counsel for the GMC, said Mrs Ackroyd saw Dr Sharma take the patient's left hand below the table.

He said: 'She observed what she described to the police as being a stroking movement which she considered to be inappropriate.

'At the time, Dr Sharma was standing right up to the table. She could not see what it was that he was doing.

'It would seem that it went on long enough for alarm bells to ring with her.'

Mr Smith said Dr Sharma then placed the patient's hand back on her body and he was seen to be exposed for about two seconds.

He said: 'It is the GMC's case that Dr Sharma was using the hand of this semi-conscious patient undertaking this procedure for his own sexual stimulation and gratification.'

Mrs Ackroyd reported it to the department practitioner. Mr Smith went on to outline another alleged incident on April 29, 2008.

A staff member said he saw Dr Sharma place a patient's fingers through the zip of his trousers underneath his shirt during an abortion.

The hearing was told that senior staff were informed of the incidents and Dr Sharma was told that his 'services were no longer required'.

Dr Sharma then sent an e-mail to the clinic manager and the head of UK Marie Stopes operations saying he had struggled to find the right size of trouser.

He said he had used medical tape to secure the trousers he had been wearing but a kicking patient caused the tape to come off and his trousers to fall.

Dr Sharma denies the misconduct allegations. At his trial, he claimed he was the victim of a culture of racism and bullying. The fitness to practise hearing in Manchester is listed for 15 days.

The hearing continues.



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This should give the anti abortionists some good ammunition.


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This should give the anti abortionists some good ammunition.
eh, it could happen with any surgery. Most people understand that. The killing babies argument it's really all the pro life crowd needs. Whether you agree worth it or not, medical ethics arguments don't get any bigger than that.


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Yeah, but the creep here is an abortion doc, and that means contact with the genitals while jacking by proxy. That's some heavy duty creeper shit right there.


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Yeah, but the creep here is an abortion doc, and that means contact with the genitals while jacking by proxy. That's some heavy duty creeper shit right there.
According to the story he's an anaesthesiologist. The abortion doc was busy scraping fetus parts out of the woman's uterus while he was getting his handy.
What man could resist jacking it while cracking baby skulls and vacuuming out baby brains?


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Nobody went with the "Jack Meoff" angle? Disappoint.


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