Documentary aims to unearth millions of E.T copies

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A documentary team has been given approval to excavate the site where million of copies of Atari's commercial flop E.T. are rumoured to be buried. E.T. was released in December 1982 for the Atari 2600, with millions of copies produced under the assumption that the link to the hit Steven Spielberg movie would guarantee sales success. The failure of the game is believed to be one of the main contributing factors to 1983's crash of the video game industry. Local news site KRQE (via ArsTechnica) reports that Canadian film production firm Fuel Industries has been granted six months of access to the site in Alamogordo, New Mexico where the millions of copies of E.T are rumoured to have been crushed and covered in concrete. The results of the dig are to be part of a documentary attempting to answer one of gaming's most enduring myths. The excavation coincides with the 30th anniversary of the alleged dump. Mayor of Alamorgordo Susie Galea said "I hope more people find out about Alamogordo through this opportunity that we have to unearth the Atari games in the landfill."

now from what i've heard that it is indeed true, that Atari did bury truckloads of E.T. games in a landfill in new mexico.


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Fuck that was an awful game.

Confusing as all shit, graphics sucked, fucking awful.


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and what do they expect to do with all of these games when dug up?

there was a reason they were buried


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I read about this somewhere else. There were also millions of copies of Pac Man buried there, too. Not sure why they are digging them up, as the other article said the copies were all "crushed and then buried" in the landfill.
Wasnt there an Indiana Jones game that was just as bad and impossible to play?


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Wasnt there an Indiana Jones game that was just as bad and impossible to play?

The Indiana Jones game was actually good, although very hard to figure out what to do next, it also required the use of both controllers, it was like an early Zelda game


Isn't this the plot of the AVGN movie?


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Isn't this the plot of the AVGN movie?

It was actually the plot of the AvP movie, which is weird.

I actually just bought an Atari 2600 this last weekend. Eighty bucks for a good condition, wood panel 2600 with six games. Seemed like a fun purchase. I've already gotten my ass kicked in Miss Pacman. I'd love to have one of these awful ET games.