Does Fez need to quit drinking forever?

Ron attributed Fez' most recent heart problems to alcohol. Is it time for Fezzie to give up booze altogether?

With Dave around feeding him drinks (I know it wasn't just him and Fez probably would have drank anyway) and all the parties R&F do for the fans, alcohol is around a lot.

I think Fez may have to go on the wagon, and never get off it.

Do you think he can do it?


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a lil booze is good, they say wine is good for the heart. "they" might be the wine industry tho


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I think stress is probably the biggest problem and Ron alluded to that as well.
Eating and heredity are the problems Fezzie has I think. No matter how incompetent Earl or Dave are it doesn't put blockages in his arteries.


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I think he does. And while a lot of the blame falls on Fez, Fez does seem to want to belong and his allies should realize that.


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I am no Doctor, but I have a feeling food & exercise is a bigger issue.
alcohol is the last thing Fez needs to worry about. i love the guy, but he really needs to get his shit together. As said above, a complete diet and work out regime is in order. Drinking alcohol will fall into the diet category. Once he gets that in order, the head will probably follow.
if he could follow some sort of strict diet and workout, mentally, he should be alright.

of course, i'm not a professional, but i am typing on a keyboard, so that pretty much makes me an expert.


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I think Fez needs to quit being a baby and start exercising. He always cries about his fears of death, but he is not actively trying to improve his health.


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I think it is a combination of his mental problems, which cause him not to be able to exercise, his eating habits and stress.

Moderate drinking is supposed to lower your risk of a heart attack, with other changes to your life. The drinking may have something to do with it because he hasn't changed his lifestyle enough.

I found this article about a study that pretty much sums it up:

Ivanhoe Newswire) -- Men, listen up! If you drink a moderate amount of alcohol, you may be lowering your risk of a heart attack.
Researchers from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston studied more than 8,000 healthy men for about 16 years. During this time, 106 men suffered heart attacks. Those who drank between 15 and 29 grams (about two drinks) per day had the lowest risk for heart attack, and those who did not drink at all had the highest risk.
Because there are many risks associated with heavy drinking, doctors typically do not recommend that patients begin drinking alcohol to reduce their heart disease risk. They instead focus on proven lifestyle interventions such as diet and exercise.
However, authors of this study conclude, "Our results suggest that moderate drinking could be viewed as a complement, rather than an alternative, to these other lifestyle interventions, a viewpoint espoused by some authors."
This article was reported by, who offers Medical Alerts by e-mail every day of the week. To subscribe, go to:
SOURCE: Archives of Internal Medicine, 2006;166:2145-2150


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alcohol is the last thing Fez needs to worry about. i love the guy, but he really needs to get his shit together.
x2. The biggest problem is this is how he gets attention; he needs to find another way to do that.

Dr Phil says you need to replace something with something.


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I am no Doctor, but I have a feeling food & exercise is a bigger issue.
They are.

However, the drinking doesn't help. Because you can cite all of the studies you want, but those studies all say the same thing: drinking in MODERATION. They refer to A glass of wine, or A beer now and then. Not drinking yourself into inebriation, which, I'm assuming, is what Fez likely does, rather than have one glass of wine with dinner and calling it quits.

Also, we don't know what sort of medications he's on (he's mentioned some of them on the air but still, it's not as if we know his full medical history), so it might not be wise for him to mix his meds with alcohol. If he's drinking more than we know about, THAT, combined with his pills, could be the result of some unpleasant complications (i.e. his recent short term memory loss).


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I love Fez to death but for christ's sake he has to do DIET and EXERCISE...its hard to deal with him just being lazy and giving up...It's not fucking hard to get in shape and eat healthy...its your LIFE man...come on...makes no fuckin' sense