Does your parent(s) listen to O&A?

I put parents in parentheses for out ethnic members. BWA-HAHA! :icon_mrgr

But joking aside, does your mom or dad listen to O&A?

Not while you're around them, but on their own. Having them in the car while YOU listen, doesn't really count; that's cheating.

Like if you run in the room and jack in front of your father, that doesn't count as a bisexual experience. Savy?

But here's the thing, first of all:

I keep urging my mom to buy an XM unit, because she would listen to the show when they were on the FM side in Chicago.

And, she is a linger longerer, because I remember she listened to O&A when they were syndicated nights in Chicago from 2001-2002.

He can identify Op, Ant, Jim, CS Kenny and Rich Vos. And I think Pat from Moonachie.

So do your parent(s) listen to O&A?
And if Opie read this: My mom thought stomping Andrews cake was the worst thing you've ever done.

Or anyone has done for that matter short of constructing a Hilter balloon for a parade.

I showed her the video and she was just disgusted. I could not change her mind, that it really was funny.

To this day, she doesn't forgive you for smashing a homeless man's food.


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I got my dad XM for Christmas a few years ago.... and I really doubt it's even left the Bluegrass station. Much less 202.

My mom.... nope. No fucking way either. My step dad... fuck yeah. He'd totally dig it... but my mother wouldn't allow that FILTH in the house.

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No way. But i think they have heard every commedian on 150.


my dad and stepmom listen to both OnA and Rnf, my stepmom loves ronnie!!!


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My mom is forced to when she is in the car with me. She doesn't care for the language and the "crude humor", but she has gotten quite a few laughs out if it.


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my dad was a stern fan, so im sure that he would listen to the boys, but he's dead you seee. as for my mom i dont know. she's a sick fuck so i wouldn't put it past her. but i have been avoiding her lately


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My dad tunes in when i force him to, I wont let my mom listen to them. But my dad actaully made an O&A reference one day and it was very funny because he resents them sometimes.


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Mom fuck no, Dad listens sometimes if were in the same truck on the way to a job but he does like to listen to RnF on the lunch break


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I had my dad listen and he's an extremely smart doc,,,very great with patients extremely sucessfull, does lecures in the middle east etc

He loved it! Said "these guys are quick,, very funny"----I try to get him to put on wbcn when he can but hasn't in a while,,,I give him the highlights though :)

My mom= "there so rude!"


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Pretty sure my Dad Does..although he claims he does not...he does use show refrences all the time though. Latest one: he was telling me about a waiter who was really rude and snotty to him..he said "I hope he slips in a puddle of aids and dies!"


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Bought my dad an XM unit for his car a few years ago...told him to check out the show...i dont think he can look me in the eye anymore...I think he was pretty shocked in general at the content..a 'little' beyond him.
In a word: No.

I bought both my parents Roady 2's a couple years ago and pay for their subs.

Dad listens to nothing but the BBC and my mother listens mostly to Christian music and now Christmas music for the season.


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They're still flipping around the dial looking for Cousin Brucie.

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I'm the parent, and proud to say BOTH my kids - 11 y/o boy & 16 y/o girl - listen to O&A. My wife listens too (replays mostly, she works late)

Just one big happy O&A family !


i am the parent and i do listen. my daughter knows all the comedians from the show, so made her watch clips from the show. she's catching on,and actually we did the walkover when jerico was on. i feel proud that i can share the boys with her. no homo

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My mother, no way.....she finds them rude and offensive with no redeeming qualities what so ever. My Dad would take a quick listen when they were on WCKG (and mom was out of the house). He is an Imus man. He can't wait for ol' Turkey neck to get back on the air.

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My mom wows me every time she sees me.

Or maybe I see them because they're hanging below her dress.


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my dad was a stern fan, so im sure that he would listen to the boys, but he's dead you seee.
[in steve voice] how'd your dad die?

as for my mom i dont know. she's a sick fuck so i wouldn't put it past her. but i have been avoiding her lately

[in Opie voice] How's mother?

But seriously folks, mom dead so she can't listen, but I know that if she was around she would not be a fan.
My Dad has listened a couple of times when he's in the car with me and I'm taking someplace, he gets chuckle, and I call him all the time and mention things the boys have done. He couldn't believe how stupid some people were when they did the FakeNews story about the Pats and Brady.


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Not a chance. Anymore I'm not even sure they can remember how
to turn a radio on.


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My mom listens it when she gets the chance... my dad's an old fart.


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My dad does, my mom doesn't. She would think it's funny if she did, but she read parts of Norton's book and thought it was "sick".