Dog Fed LSD By Nudes Hit By Car


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Dog Fed LSD By Nude Couple Is Hit By Car
'Oscar' Injured But OK; Owners Face Drug Charges

POSTED: 10:29 am EDT November 1, 2011
UPDATED: 10:42 am EDT November 1, 2011
A dachshund was hit by a car and injured Sunday night after it had been fed LSD by its nude owners, police said.

Police discovered the bizarre incident after reports of a naked man and woman running along a road in Snellville, Ga., about 25 miles northeast of Atlanta, on Sunday night, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

The disrobed pair fled home, but when police knocked on their door, 25-year-old Nicholas Modrich answered it naked.

"They were tripping pretty hard," Snellville police Capt. Harold Thomas told the Journal Constitution, adding that both Modrich and Jamie Hughes, also 25, would face drug charges after being released from a local hospital. Animal cruelty charges were also possible.

Modrich and Hughes admitted that they took LSD and also said that they gave some to "Oscar," who was missing, police said.

After determining that Oscar was a dog, cops began a search but did not find him in time to prevent the dog from being hit by a vehicle.

Oscar survived, and was taken to a local veterinarian. His condition was not known.


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Oscar was put down....

“Oscar” the dachshund is dead.

The dog was struck Sunday night by a car after running from its Snellville, Georgia home. The accident, police reported, occurred after the pet’s owners dosed the animal with LSD.

Nicholas Modrich and Jamie Hughes, both 25, were investigated for disorderly conduct after cops discovered them tripping in their Pinehurst Road residence. Witnesses had called 911 to report spotting the couple running naked on a nearby roadway.

During questioning by police, Hughes said that she and Modrich “had done acid earlier.” She also repeatedly asked officers if they knew the whereabouts of “Oscar,” their long-haired dachshund. While being transported to the hospital the duo told a Snellville cop that “they had given acid to their dog.”

The dog, cops subsequently learned, was struck by a car about half-a-mile from its home. “Oscar,” who had been adopted from the county’s animal shelter, died after being transported to a local animal hospital. Since the dog bit two people after being hit by the car, animal control officials will now test the animal’s corpse for rabies.

Police, who are seeking to interview Modrich and Hughes about the bizarre events Sunday evening, have said that the filing of animal cruelty charges against the couple is a possibility.

Modrich is a guitarist who fronts the group "Funguy Trio." The band, whose name appears to be a play on the word "fungi," likens its sound to "the inside of a mushroom after it has consumed you," according to its MySpace page. On his own MySpace page, Modrich, pictured above, includes “psychedelics,” “green herbs,” and “booze!!!” among his influences. His band's songs include "Mind Magic" and "Captain Pothead."
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